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Irish Terriers are the definition of Fun and Happy!! Child-Like in their curiosity and enthusiasm, they are so full of life and vigor, its impossible to not join in and have high spirits in their company !! The disposition of an Irish Terriers is ideal. Pleasant and attentive to every movement you make, it will accompany you anywhere willingly.  Every step out the front door is an adventure to an Irish .

Love to hike, walk, run, move in general. The gait is an easy athletic stride, and his endurance is never ending. Irish Terriers are sporty and enjoy the smells and sounds of outdoor, enjoy chasing a rabbit, or a squirrel, and love to be out and about with you . Travel is always looked forward to , no matter if its car, boat, 4 wheeler, the Irish will enjoy riding in or on it! They seem to like speed, and their ears fly back and they smell the air and enjoy the whole experience.

Kid Friendly and social with Everyone. The more the merrier! Outstanding temperament and just loves company, thinks everyone comes to see him !  Cats can be good friends, but should be introduced as the Irish is a puppy. A chase scenario is to be avoided the first few weeks. Once the cat is trusting they are friends.

Non Shed & Hypo Allergenic are extreme plus also!  Grooming varies from every 6 -12 wks, depending on the look you prefer. Tailored and Sharp show look, or Scruffy Natural look. Weekly brushing and a monthly bath with gentle shampoo is all they need to stay in good condition.  Striping the coat can be done, and is required in showing to keep the coat the correct texture and retain color clarity. In pets, clippers are used to create the same look with correct blade choices. My favorites are 5 for body 10 for ears.

K -9 Social Skill & Interaction is very much necessary after you take a puppy home. Do NOT isolate the puppy from other dogs. It needs interaction to remain in tune with K9 connection.  Terriers who are isolated and live only with people, forget how to be Dog Friendly. Do your part, find Playmates that are good disposition and all sizes; good nature is a must. This insures that your terrier will always look forward to play and interacting with other dogs, rather than being a bully or aggressive towards other dogs. Most important time 2-12 months.  Puppy Kindergarten is recommended at 16 wks. This is the ideal age for learning and doing things your way.  Six months plus is the teenager stage and sometimes a little more independent and head strong. I recommend Ceasar Milan CD Dog Whisperer to get in tune to the “Leader of the Pack” method of training , because Terriers can be head strong and somewhat stubborn. The key to success is being the Leader and starting young with the process. Ceasar's theory and skills with body language is key to success. Have fun in Training and your dog will enjoy and excel.

Male or Female debate is the most asked question I get.  In my experience one is not better than another. Its like our kids, no two are quite alike, each has individual traits and quirks that make him Unique. Sex is not responsible for smarter, sweeter or easier to train. Neutering & Spaying is best for any pet. So choose the puppy NOT the sex.

Size is very Medium.  Most Irish Terriers weigh 33-49 lbs (males are larger).

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STELLA owned by  Sara Cant
Chicago, Illinois

Murphy in Ohio
Owned by Tammy Kovach

Good evening Joy,
I wanted to send you Phoenix’s pictures. We love him so much.
Thank you again and have a good day.

Ferda Bagdas New Jersey



Just had some precious pics to send you! Mallie is getting so big! She will be six months old this week! We absolutely adore her! Gosh, I don't know what we would do without her! Thank you again for such a sweet dog!


Lindsay & Andrew Hanks

Tyler, TX

Hi Joy,

Well, just a quick update, Oakley is doing really well and went to the vet.  He is now a whopping 8pd and 2oz J

He is training so well and enjoyed his puppy play group on the weekend.  My husband put a sock on the end of a fishing pole and they play for hours in the yard, with him casting it out and Oakley chases it and runs around.  He now sits, stays, does the down and rings the bells to go out and do his business.  He is really a smart dog and knows it.  I have attached a picture of him waiting for a treat, his ear decided to flop up with was so cute and then one of the signs the students have made for outside my office door.  He is a prize that is for sure and still keeps me smiling, as well as everyone else.

Take care and I will update you again in a few weeks.

-Tracey Coetzee, MA

Owned by  Andrea Koch

Bailey, Rhode Island
Playing Legos with the Kids
O'Loughlin Family

Owned by  Elizabeth Schotter

Hi Joy,

Thought you would enjoy this! One of my colleagues took this today in her office.   He loves being at work and of course is the apple of everyone’s eye.  The students come in for “puppy therapy” and he thinks he is the bees knees, which of course he is.  Today after work we are going for our first training course.  So far he is so good with sitting and staying and coming J so I am sure he will enjoy the class and be top student!

He has his vet appointment on Monday afternoon and after that I will send you an email and let you know how well he is doing.

Joy, I have said it in all my emails, but Oakley is just the best.  He is cheeky and sweet and just the best dog that could have happened to me.

Have a great day!

Love from Tracey and Oakley

Hi Joy!

It was about a year ago, that I started talking to you about a pup. 

She is my shadow now and is starting to lead, instead of follow/learn.  She thinks she's the fastest thing on 4 legs.  She really gets excited to see people, and she sees them everyday. She greets them with enthusiasm.  She's a lover and not a fighter, but will fight. She will stand her ground at times.  Lucy and Willie do wrassel everyday, and they get mad at each other at times.

Just wanted to say "thank you Joy!"

Clay Donaldson

p.s.  She has a nap time around 3-5 pm, and doesn't like to be disturbed!  :)

Hi Joy,


It’s been a long time since I sent an update on Bailey (March 25, 2010). Bailey is doing great, quite the character, so much fun and energy.   Keeps my husband and I on our toes!  He still has a fascination with paper, it can’t be left anywhere or he shreds it to pieces like a shredder.   Doesn’t eat it, just shreds it! As I told you before, he just loves being around people, just the excitement of seeing people, exhausts him more than a walk or good run! Just wanted to give you brief update. Notice his collar is an Irish three leaf clover, we found on the internet!


Take Care

Janet Mizdol – Wallington, NJ

Hi Joy,
I'm so sorry it's taken us so long to send you an update! It's been a crazy week!! Bragg is doing awesome!! He loves to be the center of attention!! He is a little ham! Lol!! He's is doing amazing at crate training!!! We followed the advice on your website and we haven't had any trouble!! He sleeps so good in there!! House training is going ok, he still has accidents but he's getting better every day! We are just so happy to have him with us!! He fits in with our family so so well!! I sent a picture below, it's his new favorite toy. The toy puppy growls when u pull on the rope and Bragg goes nuts!! He will play with that for hours, if we let him!! And my daughter(who the toy actually belongs to) doesn't mind sharing!!! We are just so happy to have him in our lives! We can't thank you enough!!!
The Williams (Carrie, Ricky, Tate, Loralei, Jonah and Bragg)
(Rare Black/Tan)
Hey, Joy! As you probably know, our little Irish man, Samson, just recently turned one! We wanted to share with you some cute pictures from when we first got him to now. :)
James & Tissa King
Midwest City, Oklahoma

Karlee, owned by Clay Donaldson
Goes to work with Clay everyday.

Lucy, owned by  Ray Pouliot      

Owned by Tiffany and Guy Aman
She is still doing great.  I'm letting them spend more time in the yard with these cooler temps.

Last Sunday morning I let them out at around 6am,  I checked on them about 30 minutes later, and Lucy was carrying around a dead rat!  I'm sure Willie killed it, but she was carrying it around like a new toy.
   Since it's been cooler, I've been letting her chase me at work (she's faster then me now) on a bicycle in the mornings.  We have a field about the size of a football field on the side of the office.

I Included a pic of her and my nephews, it's about 10 days old.

LUCY,  Owned by Clay  Donaldson
Hi Joy!
I just wanted to take a moment and give you an update on our beloved Missy. She just turned 4 on June 1, and you could never tell by how much energy she has. She has become the most entertaining thing in our home, and when she is away for a day the house is dull and lifeless.
Today we had her coat stripped and we wanted to send you pictures of how pretty she is. My daughter, Elizabeth, is holding her in the one picture.
We couldn't imagine life without our little red ball of mischief. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog.
Deborah Berko
Valparaiso, IN
Hi Joy,
 My husband and I recently purchased an Irish Terrier from you. We wanted to let you know he is doing fantastic and we named him Fitz! He loves chasing our cat and playing with our 13 month old Brittany. Fitz is quite spunky and stubborn; but he has a great personality.......
We are happy to have Fitz be a member of our family.
 Thank you,
Tiffany & Guy Aman
P.S. I've attached a photo of Fitz and Barley together. Where you find one, you find the other.... The other picture is of Fitz at his first vet visit. It looks like he's winking at the camera.

Hi Joy-

I finally got my computer to upload the attachments.  Oh my gosh, he is the most awesome puppy!!!  He and Jazz have learned to play tug with the knotted rope.  The have been going non-stop all day today.  He is really settling in well.  He follows Jazz everywhere - and she doesn't seem to mind.  They are both crashed out right now.  And he is eating very well!  He slept through the night with not a peep out of him and then went pee and poop immediately outside!  I don't think I've ever had a puppy do that on day one.  He's a smart little thing! 

Again, thank you for this most wonderful pup.  We are all totally in love with him!!! (well, except for the cat!  LOL).  They'll adjust in time, I'm sure. 




As promised...attached are a couple of pics I took of Ruby yesterday evening. Hopefully her ears do take...but we're prepared to continue the gluing process if necessary.

V/R Jeff & Lesa Kilgo

Cachi & Best Friend Lulei
Owned by Barbara Bellato, Chicago IL

Cian owned by Jared Callahan 

TESS owned by Bruce Trahan

Bailey will be 3 in July of this year.  We just wanted to say thank you again.  He is such a important part of our family.  He has protected us, watched over us, and played with us so well.  His personality is so wonderful. He has that Irish fire, but he always shapes up well.  Recently my husband had a minor surgery that laid him up, every time he left the couch Bailey chased him back and laid with him. We are thinking of adding another canine family member this summer and we will definitely come to you!
The Talcott Family
(Madison Ohio)

Dear Joy,

Here is Bailey this morning at home in Chesapeake Va. (Bailey's Birth October 2007 - we got her from you in December of 2007).You may remember us. We are a NAVY family and my husband is from Missouri and went to Mizzou. We got Bailey from you on our cross country drive from California to RI. We have lived in Va for over a year and a half now and will atleast be here this year and next.

Bailey has an older brother here, Willie, a 10 year old beagle mix. And we had a daughter 18 months ago too.....

She is so active and healthy and beautiful and her hair is a mess in this picture but we love her Joy. With all of our hearts.

I hope the picture opens up for you and you get to see her taking a....ahem a.m. nap....on a couch she is not supposed to be on. :)

Hoping you are enjoying a nice Missouri spring, Becky O'Loughlin


Sorry couldn't send these sooner, typical chaotic evening.  Enjoy!  She's so bad but so cute.  As you can see, she has made herself right at home!
Eily, Owned by Jennifer & Bradley Book
Tinkerbell and Rascal
owned by Shari  Mc Vicker, California

Jackson, Owned by Wendy Thompson


Owned by  Stephanie

Good morning Joy,

Well everything with our new puppies is going great. He already sits on command and slept through both nights without a sound. I have never owned such a well behaved dog! Giang and I are both very happy and would like to say thank you.

TUGGER MCCAIN  is going to obedience classes.  This is such a FUN way to interact and bond with your dog, and its benefits are lifelong.  16 weeks is an ideal time; terriers are like sponges wanting to soak up learning at this age.  This is a good way to develop social skills with other puppies as well.  Please plan to Attend a Class!  


Hi Joy,

Happy Holidays!  I’ve been wanting to update you on Bailey.


.......He loves people, just loves them, I mean really loves them.  And other dogs, he likes them too, and if they bark at him, he just hits them over the head with his paw.  It is pretty funny, he’ll be sitting there nice as pie, and a dog will bark at him (lots of dogs on my block), or try to play with him, he just stares at him, when he decides he has had enough, he just swats them with his paw, then they start playing.   He loves all the neighbor kids, but just like other dogs, when he has had enough, he has had enough.  He swats them too, and they think he is playing too! 


We thought he would pull down our Christmas tree, he couldn’t be bothered.  We have a big Christmas party every year, we thought he would try to steal food, he could have cared less.    My mother visited from Florida for the holidays, she said “he just such a happy little guy, knows how to entertain himself”.  He just made her laugh.    At the Christmas party, when he had enough of the people, he just goes in his box.    He loves paper, we have to make sure no paper is left sitting around, he shreds it to pieces.  So much for my Christmas cards hanging up.   He had a blast opening the paper on his Christmas presents.

Bailey  owned by  Janet Mizdol Carlstadt
Baillie and Ruby,  owned by Donna Gudge

Maggie Mae   1 year old
Denny and Joyce Colbert

Owned by Mary Jo Benson
We have arrived home with our new pup- we have named him O'Mally
Megonigle!! He is adorable- so much cuter than the pictures!! He slept in his crate
the WHOLE way home practically. He has gone to the bathroom 4 times outside
and 0 times inside... so far. We took him to PetCo and he was the envy of
all- everybody wanted to pet him!! Also - the crate training is going very
well-he really likes going in his crate- we'll see how the overnight goes!!!
Thanks again for bringing him to us- we are having so much fun! I have
sent a picture of him with his Irish flag lights in the background- he "passes
out" on the floor so fast- we then carry him up to his crate!! 
Proud parents- Amber and Cory

Joy Thomas
671 Hwy C
Ulman, MO 65083

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